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Topic subjectThanks for the James excerpts...
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32977, Thanks for the James excerpts...
Posted by MALACHI, Tue May-24-05 02:28 PM
>but it is an interesting case of taking note of what you too
>are noting.

>It is actually one of my long-term projects to think about the
>question you asked.

I actually have been thinking about this for a few months now...and if you want to know the truth, what really got me thinking about it was a few months ago I was reading Shelby Steele (don't shoot me...lol) and he was talking about the determination of West Indian communities, especially in New York. I can't remember exactly what period of time he was referring to, but he made the point that all of the Black judges in the city of New York at that time were of West Indian heritage, and the same went for the majority of the highest ranking police officers in New York as well.

After reading that, it clicked. The same thing basically happened in the Pan Africanist movement. Caribbeans took the ball and RAN with it. I'm telling you, it HAS to be something with the West Indian family/social structure.