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Topic subjectYou know Dr. Carruthers was born in Dallas, right?
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32963, You know Dr. Carruthers was born in Dallas, right?
Posted by MALACHI, Tue May-24-05 03:42 PM
*pops collar*
And he was one of the first Blacks to go to the University of Texas School of Law. My pop's attorney (a brother who graduated from UT) speaks about Dr. Carruthers with much reverence.

>So yeah, folks arent
>going to know him like they would know a Jesse, but the fact
>that Africans traveled throughout the world to be there just
>shows the impact he had. The thing is, their words will stay
>alive for years to come.
I agree...I hope you didn't get the impression that I was saying Dr. Carruthers and company were less "important" because they have less "celebrity".

>MLK definitely wasnt a dummy, I would assume he knowledgable
>about Garvey, but he played a particular role (a necessary
>one) and he was confined to what he could and couldn't say.
>But reading Kwame Toure's auto bio he said that him and King
>did not agree one bit, the goal was Black power, the tactics
>and strategies just different.
You KNOW I'm not going to discredit Dr. King's work, but I am not convinced that his goal was Black Power. In my opinion, Martin was a dyed-in-the-wool integrationist...and he was willing to sacrifice the goal of Black Power for integration. Did he love Black people? Yes. Did he want Black Power? I ain't so sure. Many times he said that for Black people to achieve equality, we were dependent on the efforts of liberal Whites...and it irritates me that a brother with a mind as sharp as his would say stuff like "The American Negro is not an African". To me, words like that contribute to the "I AIN'T NO TREE-SWINGIN' AFFICAN!" foolish mentality that far too many of us have today.