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Topic subjectRE: Depends on who you call leaders...
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32962, RE: Depends on who you call leaders...
Posted by brokenchains79, Tue May-24-05 02:59 PM
>Of course, but how many "regular" brothers and sisters know about
> Dr. Clarke? Sister Ani? Brother Baruti? Dr. Carruthers? Hardly
>any. As great as they are, as profound as their works have been and
>continue to be, they aren't considered "leaders" like average
>people view Jesse and Al "leaders".

When Dr. carruthers had his funeral in Jan 2004, it was in one of those super churches that holds thousands... and trust me that place was packed, people standing in the back. People was there from all over the world, literally. So yeah, folks arent going to know him like they would know a Jesse, but the fact that Africans traveled throughout the world to be there just shows the impact he had. The thing is, their words will stay alive for years to come.

>Precisely. If MLK had been influenced by Marcus Garvey as much as
> he was by Ghandi, he would have been killed WAAAAAAAY before '68.
> They would have got him long before the "I Have A Dream"
>speech...then again if he had been influence by Garvey, the content
> of that speech would have been vastly different anyway.

MLK definitely wasnt a dummy, I would assume he knowledgable about Garvey, but he played a particular role (a necessary one) and he was confined to what he could and couldn't say. But reading Kwame Toure's auto bio he said that him and King did not agree one bit, the goal was Black power, the tactics and strategies just different.

>(BTW, every time I see your sig, I DIE laughing...)

That's my favorite martin episode, I have to get it one DVD if it ever comes out. Did you peep the dance he did?

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