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Topic subjectRE: Depends on who you call leaders...
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32961, RE: Depends on who you call leaders...
Posted by MALACHI, Tue May-24-05 02:42 PM
The "leaders" I'm talking about are what you called the "biggest names" a few posts ago.

>But most of the important organizations I can think of and
>writers are pan african in scope.
Of course, but how many "regular" brothers and sisters know about Dr. Clarke? Sister Ani? Brother Baruti? Dr. Carruthers? Hardly any. As great as they are, as profound as their works have been and continue to be, they aren't considered "leaders" like average people view Jesse and Al "leaders".

>I don't think too many
>mainstream "leaders" can declare themselve pan-africanist and
>still recieve establishment endorsements which many leaders
>seek. To be African-centered/afrocentric implies a pan-african
>orientation in my opinion.
Precisely. If MLK had been influenced by Marcus Garvey as much as he was by Ghandi, he would have been killed WAAAAAAAY before '68. They would have got him long before the "I Have A Dream" speech...then again if he had been influence by Garvey, the content of that speech would have been vastly different anyway.

(BTW, every time I see your sig, I DIE laughing...)