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Topic subjectExactly my point...
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32959, Exactly my point...
Posted by MALACHI, Tue May-24-05 01:43 PM

>I can agree with that considering some of the biggest names in
>America were fighting more so for inclusion

There have been quite a few Black Leaders with "big names" here in the United States over the past several decades, but how many of these African American leaders would you consider to be Pan African in their thinking?
Du Bois? Malcolm? We can't really include brother Ture, because as we have already acknowledged, he was born in Trinidad...and early on in his "activist career", he was working toward "inclusion" as well with all the sit-ins and going on. It was a while later that he become a Black Nationalist, and later on a full-fledged Pan Africanist after he moved to the continent.