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Topic subjectI might agree
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32958, I might agree
Posted by brokenchains79, Tue May-24-05 12:21 PM
>I see what you are saying brother Jahi, but would you agree that it
> seems more brothers who were CATALYSTS for Pan African thinking
>were of Caribbean descent? I realize that the vast majority of
>Garvey's FOLLOWERS were African American(Malcolm's father was one
> of them)...but it seems like many LEADERS were West Indian.

I can agree with that considering some of the biggest names in America were fighting more so for inclusion inside the belly of the beast, while in the west indies they were fighting for independence (major difference, inclusion v. independence). Also the scholars would have had to look at their situations much differently, while Martin Delaney was focused on repatriation, if you're Black in Trinidad you're not really worried about repatriating but how will you run your island, and to look outside the island to others islands and the continent would seem almost logical.

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