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Topic subjectDang, how did I forget these brothers:
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32957, Dang, how did I forget these brothers:
Posted by MALACHI, Tue May-24-05 11:50 AM
>George Padmore (trini
>Kwame Toure (trini)

>But even if you look at
>Garvey's movement, while most of the administration was
>jamaican... the millions of followers were mostly African
>American, so I wouldn't say it is anything specific about the
>the west indies.

I see what you are saying brother Jahi, but would you agree that it seems more brothers who were CATALYSTS for Pan African thinking were of Caribbean descent? I realize that the vast majority of Garvey's FOLLOWERS were African American(Malcolm's father was one of them)...but it seems like many LEADERS were West Indian.