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Topic subjectThe West Indies and Pan Africanism
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32955, The West Indies and Pan Africanism
Posted by MALACHI, Tue May-24-05 10:35 AM
Is there something about Caribbean life or "upbringing" that breeds Pan Africanist thinking, or is it just coincidence? The more I read about great Pan Africanists, it hit me that many of them were/are of West Indian.

Marcus Mosiah Garvey--Jamaica
Henry Sylvester Williams--Trinidad
Edward Wilmot Blyden--St. Thomas or St. Kitts (I can't recall which)
Claude McCay--Jamaica
C. L. R. James--Trinidad

Malcolm X's mother was from Grenada, Louis Farrakhan's father was Jamaican and his mother was from St. Kitts; and keep in mind to that many other Black people here in the U.S. who were/are active in the movement are of West Indian descent.

Is this just coincidence?

FireBrand, where you at?