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Topic subjectRecent discussions I've had with whites
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32949, Recent discussions I've had with whites
Posted by ZachG, Sat Jun-11-05 02:38 PM
have often involved Africa, a raising questions of their abilities to help. I hear the question being asked a lot, by people I trust want to help others and help themselves. People who've never seen the third world but crave exposure because of their sheltered North American communities. I hear a lot of desire to be on the front of aid, but at the same time a frustration: They know that Africa needs change, but they don't know if that means direct help. The last thing Africa needs are westerners coming to build their civil societies, "teaching" them. But at the same time, they want to go as more than tourists, turning African states into western tourist havens like Bankok, full of debauchery and destitution. You mention that there are some straight up good folks, but what are they doing? I suspect that good folk don't need to do much, simply go with a positive, cooperative attitude that doesn't judge the residents or their ways, but is there any greater framework that this can be done through?