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Topic subjectRE: What's Accra like?
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32940, RE: What's Accra like?
Posted by AquamansWrath, Wed Jun-01-05 10:00 AM
Great questions...

How big of a city is it? What's the infastructure like in terms of roads & sewers?

It's a fairly big city... it's not quite like say even Detroit or Chicago... no... but in terms of size it's a nice city. No skyscrapers... and while there is obviously a lot of businesses here... there is also something here that is equally striking... self employement of the little man... from cats walking the streets selling wood carvings to fruit... to small Calling card stands... to calling card booths, to stores...

Is development planned out or does it happen haphazard?

I would imagine it's planned out just like anywhere else.

Are communities mixed in terms of wealth or are there neight based on income?

Mixed... you can see a compound with a security guard, gate, guest home, pool.. right next to a Junkyard. Now on the outskirts of Accra, I did end up going to area where everyone seemed a little more well to do. That seemed a little more systematic in approach... but in Accra... yeah you can see what appears to be shanty towns (not quite as bad...the roads are clean as is the city in general) a Club! or a restaurant! But isn't that the case in Brooklyn also? Baltimore too?

Is there much growth in terms of population? Immigration from the countryside?

Not really sure. In terms of immigration there are a lot of refugees from the current crisis in Togo and Chad. I have noticed that.

Are there many slums in the city?

Of course.

How fast-paced is life there?

I would imagine it's as fast as you make it... just like anywhere else really... there is a overall laid back approach to life in Africa... it's just the way it is... however, it depends on the person.