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Topic subjectHow the US uses them... HERE"S THE ILL SHIT...
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32922, How the US uses them... HERE"S THE ILL SHIT...
Posted by AquamansWrath, Thu May-26-05 11:47 AM
yeah... but something to remember... Africans can't just leave Africa... that's right folks... they cannot just buy a plane ticket and leave... they have to get an invite from someone in the country of destination... along with a sponsorship... along with proof that this person will provide them a place to stay, and a job... aint that some shit? So in other words... if I meet a brother from Africa... we become cool... I would have to send him an official letter (certified and notarized) as an invite... he has to then apply for his visa through the Embassey (who normally rejects all but eight applicants on any given day... that's right... and you still have to pay whether your accepted or not...) and the other applications either sit in the corner (saw with my own two eyes) or are never responded to. This way the applicant has to apply again... and pay again... but will nine times out of ten get denied. Ironically, white folks, the one sure fire way is if a church sponsors a brother or a sister then they can come. Aint that some shit. Europeans can just hop on a plane and come... Africans have to fight, literally fight, just to be able to come whether they can afford the plane ticket or not. Aint that some bullshit???
The US uses them because basically they know the economy here is mad weak... and the people work for nothing... a high paying job... $150 US dollars a month... that's right you have hit the big time... foul.
So this is why they make it difficult for them to leave... cause they need them here to exploit through labor... so foreign companies who would normally have to pay a US citizen $30,000.00 say as average pay, plus benefits only has to pay them here say $100-150 a month with no benefits! This is how the US uses them... and this is speaking from a non-resource location... think Sierra Leone and the Jews who own the diamond mines there... think Nigeria and the oil.
Foul... crazy foul.