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Topic subjectGhanaian religion.
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32893, Ghanaian religion.
Posted by Sultan S, Mon May-23-05 10:31 AM
Any muslims in Accra will have their roots in the Northern, Upper-East, or Upper-West regions that used to be in the colony of French West Africa (although traditional religion is still very common, especially away from the main roads in the North). In the southern 2 thirds of Ghana outside of the capital you won't see many mosques at all. Catholicism is more widespread on the coast (Porteguese and French missionaries 18thC - 1880s 'chess-board'colonisation period respectively). Protestantism, Evangelical and presbyterian churches are the most common in general. The Mormons are the fastest growing in the region however. Despite the fact that black people were only granted entry to this church in the early 80s, one of their missionaries in Accra told me that out of their 200 representatives in West Africa, 197 were Nigerian or Ghanaian (!?!).