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Topic subjectRE: So I am In Ghana... Accra... ask me anything.
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32887, RE: So I am In Ghana... Accra... ask me anything.
Posted by true art junkie, Sat May-21-05 10:57 AM
Ok so, I used to date this guy from Ghana, he wouldn't tell me much about his country, i'm not sure why...I picked up on the fact that he spoke Twi... And about his disdain for lack of fresh vegetables here in the US, but I always wondered if there is an Islamic majority there? And are there there a lot of Animists or is there a good mix of most religions? What are the schools like? Isn't Accra the capital? Is there a large poor population or does it depend on the region? I know some of these are perhaps stupid questions and perhaps I should read up, but since knowing this person from Ghana (and no longer communicating with him) I've always wondered some things, and I guess this is the prefect forum. I mean I know a guy from Niger who told me his village is mostly Muslim but his ideas are mostly Animist, it's weird, maybe it's just him...I'm gonna go home and read my Encyclopedia of Africa. Thanks for the forum, good rhetoric....
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