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Topic subjectRE: Radio ? Shows ? Women ? Urban spiel ? Slave castles ?
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32872, RE: Radio ? Shows ? Women ? Urban spiel ? Slave castles ?
Posted by AquamansWrath, Fri May-20-05 04:01 PM
the most amazinng trip ever... certainly not my last...
the women (not chicks) are beautiful...
there are far too many tribes and dialects to thumb...
the people are completely open and have shown me massive love...
in fact, we were hopping out of a car that we were driving into the local market to buy some 'artifacts' as they refer to them... you know, masks, beads... etc... and someone stobbed me as i walked into the currency exchange and said 'brother... your door isn't locked... that car is nice... you should lock your door... although no one will take anything.. .it is best'
i was like WOW... I am a long fucking way from Baltimore. Word.
The saddest part of course is the poverty... i negotiated a sale of a African Mask using "Cidi's(sp?)" is what they call it here the currency with a brother as he ran along side my cab. I gave him my watch as a thank you note... he was so happy, i was so heartbroken.
Then... you also have very wealthy people... money destroys you... that is so clear to me now. Also the only other time i have seen anything disrespectful is when they try to make American Soap Operas... they are the worst as you could imagine (so are their music vids... whew...) but still.. Western influence is the worst man... for real... but that's most of what they listen to when you hit the clubs here... that and some local musicians.