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Posted by AquamansWrath, Fri May-20-05 03:16 PM
It's Anglophone... meaning the people speak English...
there are way too many dialects to learn... depends on what tribe you are from, what village etc...
i have been all over Accra
the people are wearing clothes... hahaha... i mean it depends... some areas are very poor and you still see people wearing DKNY... sound familiar?
some are rastas... some are not... some wear American clothing... actually mostly everyone does. Last night I want to four clubs...

and Joker's... Joker's was crazy wack.
It is a urban setting but obviously the impact of poverty and wealth co-exist... which is odd to see... but not quite unlike Brooklyn where you can have a dope ass neighborhood here... and two blocks away are the projects. It just depends.
People have been asking me some dumb ass questions when they call me
'do you have water... will the UN helicopter come and get you... are the people wearing shoes... have they ever heard hiphop before'
I'm like wow... had no idea my own comrades could be so stupid.