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Topic subjectRE: Afro-centricity is a fad with white-washed Uncle Toms
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32833, RE: Afro-centricity is a fad with white-washed Uncle Toms
Posted by brokenchains79, Mon Jun-13-05 10:05 AM
>About my perception? Most posts in here about "afro-centricity"
> prove my point. It's a fad, some sort of consumer-oriented
> symbolic ethnicity..

The last post about Afrocentricity that I can recall was last year sometime made by Chike. It was concerning Pan-Africanism, Nationalism, and Afrocentricity. Since then I have not seen any post about it.

However I will say, Afrocentricity is not a fad or even a movement or ideology. Its a mode of thought or tool scholars use when dealing with "knowledge".

People wearing African motifs and incorporating other Africanisms into their lifestyles isn't Afrocentricity but more like pride that has been influenced by it.

Furthermore, feminist wouldn't really critique Afrocentricity itself but the work of someone who made be considered Afrocentric, in terms of gender an Afrocentric if dealing with the subject would try to construct an analysis of gender based on conceptions of how African treated gender, i.e. the works of Ifi Amadiume.

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