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Topic subjectRE: Afro-centricity is a fad with white-washed Uncle Toms
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32830, RE: Afro-centricity is a fad with white-washed Uncle Toms
Posted by Taharka, Sun Jun-12-05 12:35 AM
>I don't understand why we have Kwanzaa that is based on a
>culture that is not ours. What I mean is that the priciples
>use Swahili wordsNone of our ancestors spoke that language.
>That is an SE African language that is a combination of local
>laguages with Arabic.

Does it really matter it just so happens that at the time when the cultural holiday was created swahili was the fastest growing language in Africa it is a language of trade and was chosen since many people speak it and it was not limited to one cultural group. In West Africa the most common language you may be able to use Fulani cause Fulani are all over.

Our people come from W Africa. This does
>not make sense. They could have chosen Yorban, Ewe, Fanti,
>Mandinka, Fulani etc.