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Topic subjectRE: Are any of you from Africa (not by descent)?
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32825, RE: Are any of you from Africa (not by descent)?
Posted by Taharka, Sun Jun-12-05 12:45 AM
>I can remember as a teen wearing african paraphanalia... not
>knowing anything about it, because I thought it was
>"afrocentric". As an adult, I have absolutely no interest in
>it now. I find African culture to be rich and enlightening,
>but it isn't something I identify with 100%... mainly because
>I only know american culture... just like 99% of black folk.

But what many Black folk in Amerikkka don't know is why they do some of the things that due which are directly tied to our cultural traditions in our indigenous lands. I call myself African in Amerikkka to be technical Alkebulanian because I will not allow a European to define who I am. Most "BLACK FOLK can't tell you when they stop becoming African or when they became Amerikkkan!!!!

>The funny thing about it is, there are a zillion different
>cultures/ethnicities in Africa, how do you choose the one you
>want? How far do you trace your lineage to find where you
>truly come from? Or do you accept your american culture and
>move on?

Just because you study cultures in Africa doesn't make anything wrong with it the first nation and cultures I studied were KENYA JOMO KENYATTA Kikuyu etc. etc. etc. Does that mean I am denying what I am which is a African in Amerikkka no. Many people do follow the most popular cultures or well known which can be problematic but folks gotta start somewhere. Many folks can trace their ancestry back if they tried but does that mean you have to be limited to one specific culture no.

If anything I say a fatal flaw of Africans especially from the continent is the cultural divide that caused our BLACK ASSES TO BE SHIPPED HERE. We see the samething here you got Haitians that don't like Dominicans Puerto ricans who don't like Cubans So called West indians who don't get along with Yankee Blacks all of it is a bunch of bullshit what makes it worse is that this divide is caused by our arrogance but perpetuated by racism and white supremacy viewing each other through european eyes.

Oh and I was born in Amerikkka.