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32808, sorry dude but
Posted by Delete me, Mon Jun-13-05 06:21 AM
>But from what I have observed it has been more than
>criticized, it has been viciously attacked. Why? Probably
>because in its attempt to legitimize African
>history/culture/thought it de-centers European
>history/culture/thought from being seen as universal/normal.

that might be the original goal. reality looks different. it's a pastime activity.

>Ngugi didn't get much heat when he wrote "Moving the centres"
>because he was speaking directly to Kenyans, but now that it's
>becoming more global, its become a major problem. When DuBois
>was planning encyclopdia Africana, when he said it should
>adopt an African Worlview and be written by only African
>scholars he was attacked the same way. For what?

of course they got attacked. especially by feminists.