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Topic subjectIt shouldn't be without criticism....
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32807, It shouldn't be without criticism....
Posted by brokenchains79, Fri Jun-10-05 03:47 PM
But from what I have observed it has been more than criticized, it has been viciously attacked. Why? Probably because in its attempt to legitimize African history/culture/thought it de-centers European history/culture/thought from being seen as universal/normal.

I'm suspicious of critics when they devote 300 page books arguing against it, and in those 300 pages they only prove they don't know what it is. If the critiques are valid then I think it will only strengthen the initial thrust. People all over the continent and diaspora have been calling for decolonization for the longest.

Ngugi didn't get much heat when he wrote "Moving the centres" because he was speaking directly to Kenyans, but now that it's becoming more global, its become a major problem. When DuBois was planning encyclopdia Africana, when he said it should adopt an African Worlview and be written by only African scholars he was attacked the same way. For what?

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