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Topic subjectBy not celebrating Christmas,
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32792, By not celebrating Christmas,
Posted by Otto, Mon Jun-13-05 06:56 PM
which is your right as an American, by God, you are making a statement. From what I have inferred, you don't celebrate it because it is commercialized. But Christmas, eventhough there is not record of December 25th as the exact day, is a celebration of the birth of a savior...commercials or no commercials. Kwanzaa is the exact opposite. It was instituted in the 1960's as a black holiday. Those seven principles are upheld by many whites as well, but the holiday was made to be exclusively black...that means those who celebrate it are trying to make a statement. Take it or leave it. Cuz if it weren't, they wouldn't have put it during December with Christmas and Channakah, and it wouldn't entail universal principles that can only be celebrated by blacks. It marks no special day, or event. It's a politically correct holiday.