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Topic subjectThis is where you are incredibly mistaken:
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32787, This is where you are incredibly mistaken:
Posted by MALACHI, Thu Jun-09-05 04:05 PM
>I could care less what my opinion seemed like to you. You're
>proving my point, directly. You interpret my opinion, without
>regard for it's real purpose.
Your OPINION didn't seem like anything to me. My rebuttal was based on what you SAID. YOU are the one talking about how stuff "seems" to you...you, NOT ME.

>But you didn't, because
>you "interpreted" what I said, and ran with it. Sort of like
>what you accuse me of with regard to Kwanzaa.
What did I "accuse" you of in regard to Kwanzaa? I did nothing of the sort, unless you call repeating what you said an "accusation".

>But let me get this straight. You want me to curtail my speech
>simply becasue there are "black people" here. Does that mean I
>should treat black people differently than I treat white
>people? What happened to equality? You come on, man.
This is where white people really trip me out...trying to make points about "equality", but the points are hardly applicable. Allow me to illustrate, and let's take race out of the issue. Suppose you don't celebrate Christmas, but your next door neighbors do...do you go over to their home, kick your feet up on the table and say "You know, since Christmas is of Pagan origin, and it has turned into such a commercial time of year, since you all celebrate Christmas, It seems to me that you are just a bunch of materialistic, greedy, Devil-worshipping, charlatans..."? Of course you wouldn't do that simply because that would be a rude, insensitive, arrogant lack of decorum. This has nothing to do with "equality", it has to do with manners and common sense.