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Topic subjectRE: YES...audacity and arrogance.
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32786, RE: YES...audacity and arrogance.
Posted by Otto, Thu Jun-09-05 03:27 PM
I could care less what my opinion seemed like to you. You're proving my point, directly. You interpret my opinion, without regard for it's real purpose. I notice that if you were really interested an anything other than "winning," you would have addressed my questions about Kwanzaa. But you didn't, because you "interpreted" what I said, and ran with it. Sort of like what you accuse me of with regard to Kwanzaa.

>and then posted that comment on a board frequented by a bunch of >Black people...

But let me get this straight. You want me to curtail my speech simply becasue there are "black people" here. Does that mean I should treat black people differently than I treat white people? What happened to equality? You come on, man.