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Topic subjectAudacity? Arrogance?
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32784, Audacity? Arrogance?
Posted by Otto, Thu Jun-09-05 03:05 PM
All of us encounter things we do not understand, daily. We, as people, perceive those things. In the process of perception comes interpretation. You don't know my experiences. Those who I have encountered who have celebrated Kwanzaa expressed their "afro-roots" in very pretentious ways, that were unordinarily sporadic. If expressing an opinion in a forum specifically designed for that is audacity, well, I'm audacious. If you walk through my city and a homeless man grabs your arm, is your first reaction going to be A) stop kindly, and ask him what he needs and why, in order to understand his situation. B) Going to jump back and tell him to get the hell off. C) Punch him in the face?

Most likely, instinctively it will be choice B. That means you made an interpretation about his motives, which you perceived to be indiscreet. Later on you may want to exercise choice A, but not initially. I have encountered only a few people in my life who celebrate Kwanzaa...but the ones who have, seemed to be making some sort of pretentious statement that was insincere. That is why I asked what I did, the way I did. I just think that since it falls during the same month as Christmas, and Channakah, that it may be some kind of "protest" holiday to make a statement. This type of statement, is what Delete_Me was talking about.