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Topic subjectLet us examine what you have previously said:
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32783, Let us examine what you have previously said:
Posted by MALACHI, Thu Jun-09-05 02:52 PM
You said that it is your "interpretation" that those that celebrate Kwanzaa do it because of the (as Delete Me calls it) "fad" of "Afro-centricity". You basically co-signed his comment about "supermarket African culture".

Then you say this:

>I don't
>understand what Kwanzaa is, or why it is celebrated, that's
>why I'm asking.

Now, as you have admitted, if you DON'T KNOW why Kwanzaa is celebrated, if you DON'T KNOW what it is about, how can you have an "interpretation" of why some Black people celebrate it? How could you have the audacity and the arrogance to express such an "interpretation"?