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32777, Preach!
Posted by 14thLight, Thu Jun-09-05 01:14 PM
Consider your position co-signed!!

Delete me's assertion that because you live in America you are a part of the culture is arguable at best. I think it pretty obvious that we are clearly not "fully" a part of American culture... outsiders at best.

And as far as the language... that's not a choice... black people in America speak English by force, not so much choice. The manner in which we have altered the lnaguage is a testament to a lack of acceptance of "American culture" and a creation of our own.

Maybe some of us consider ourselves part of American culture... but I definitely think many of us can accurately say we reject American culture.

"When I use the word 'love', I am not making an attempt at rhetoric. I am attempting to express a refulgent, unrestrained emanation from the most durable region of my soul..." -George Jackson "Soledad Brother"