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32774, RE: Hummmm
Posted by Taharka, Thu Jun-09-05 12:16 PM

>maybe an african-american in amerikkka, but no african.

So how can you prove that I am not AlkebuLian?
holed to one CULTURAL group

>unfortunately, there's your skin color, so people will put you
>in certain category. this categorization imposed on you by the
>outside will affect you - if you want it or not. you're
>pigeonholed every fuckin day!

Yes people can call me whatever they want doesn't mean I have to say yes massa you are right like you are doing. I don't give a fuck what society says especially one I am not apart of.

Your thinking says because society says I am genetic predisposed to eating fried chicken dying of aids having multipule kids by multipule women and not being able to take care of them being a criminal smoking weed and beer I'm suppose to say yea thats me cause white people say so?

Are you serious???????