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Posted by Intelligently95, Thu Jun-02-05 09:31 PM
>"Christ-Insanity" is at the core values of the american
>Thru all levels of government, academia,
>politics, media, economics etc etc"
>- obviously u are seeing this as a problem with america, what
>is the solution?

My reason for the aforementioned statement
is because you said so many people take christians
standing for a cause or causes as a joke.

The principles of america as we know it are interwoven
w/"christian" values...look at america's position in
world politics...that's the reason for my statement, to
refute you making a genralization, but you said you
understood that. & I can understand how you took that
being that you are christian & me saying christ-insanity
and all...

>>Simply, I refuted what you said about
>>christians not being taken seriously
>>as a sweeping generalization. I mean,
>>its really that simple.
>- I read that, but I was addressing your comment that shitted
>on christianity AND america in one sentence. did u learn how 2
>do that in college?

No I did not learn that in college sir

>>I mean, saying Killslamic as a rebuttle
>>to christ-insanity is incredibly lame & child-like
>>in a tit for tat manner.

>- oh. so its okay for you to shit on christianity and I cant
>shit on your beliefs?

Again your point is well taken

>>These iraq references your making & your contextualizing
>>of islam towards me as if I am Muslim...I am not
>>& I do not see its relevance sir.
>- so let me get this straight - u shit on christianity, but
>then later defend islam (the blood on hands remark) yet u
>arent a muslim? riiiiiiight.

I didn't necessarily defend Islam sir, you made a statement
which propagated Islam as having blood on its hands, I just
pointed out that so called christianity has blood on its
hands as well sir, to show you the irrelevance of your
comment. & No sir, I am not Muslim.