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Topic subject*crickets chirping*
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32754, *crickets chirping*
Posted by Intelligently95, Thu Jun-02-05 05:32 PM
I never said anything about who had
what answers vs. those who do not.

Simply, I refuted what you said about
christians not being taken seriously
as a sweeping generalization. I mean,
its really that simple.

I mean, saying Killslamic as a rebuttle
to christ-insanity is incredibly lame & child-like
in a tit for tat manner.

These iraq references your making & your contextualizing
of islam towards me as if I am Muslim...I am not
& I do not see its relevance sir. If my saying christ-insanity
has offended you then I apologize...I don't wanna belabor
this cause it will take away from the post...Peace