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Topic subjectHere's what I meant
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32745, Here's what I meant
Posted by nukirkdigi, Wed Jun-01-05 04:23 PM
I did it once again, generalizing. Lemme clear some stuff up.

When I said "being about to tolerate" and "they are hold accountable", I really mean "after the fact". You say what you believe in, and what your stance on the issue is, which is God's stance. After they hear it, they either do one of three things:

1) Accept it and change
2) Accept it and don't change
3) Seek out more information to make up their own mind.

Of course, this is if you are dealing with a co-worker, stranger, someone that you see on a daily basis and have to basically talk with them to get through the day.

Now, some people use these options:

4) Despise you for thinking that way.

or the double-whammy:

5) despise you and defends themself.

When I say that, they are defending their views, almost to the point where it seems "unintelligent".

Some will even go as far as giving you material on a daily basis, nagging you, even long after the fact that they told you. There is a difference between talking about this subject "once a week" and "once a day" or even "once an hour". Subminial hints when talking, stressing certain things, body lanuage. It can get pretty annoying.

Some quit their jobs because of a co-worker's non-belief (some even sue their company). I know of one case where this "Chrisitan" refused to put up Christmas decorations, quit the job the same day he explained why, then sue the company for making him do something against his will... and won! And guess what? Then the boss got fired... and ironically, the boss is Christian!

Some even go as far as shunning others, including their own family members. I know families who don't even care what happens to their daughters and sons, not even if they are successful in doing service for God.

Some people think Christians do option 4 and 5 and for that, Christians get stereotype. We are either "too preachy" and our heads are "in the clouds", when in reality, not all of us think that way.

>I know a certain... er, "domination"...
>>that isn't.
>Which one is that? I'm non-denom. I just love the bible and
>Jesus... no traditions.

If everyone can understand that church is when two or mare gather in his name, then you have fellowship, the dominations will not even exisit. The one I'm talking about that seems to be a problem with most people are... Jehovah's Witnesses.

I hope I am not getting too off topic here.