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Topic subjectRE: Failure to read Luke 6:31maybe?
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32742, RE: Failure to read Luke 6:31maybe?
Posted by KSol, Tue May-31-05 08:43 PM
>I think the reason they been label "uninintelligent" is
>because christians in general are too preachy and refuse to
>listen to anyone (including other christians).

I have to disagree with you on that. If you said "In general SOME Christians" that would be true. Usually the so-called Christians that are too preachy and refuse to listen are the ones that are questioning their own selves or are insecure about their own faith. That's a general trait with any person who is insecure or unsure... always on the defense because "I can't let you know that I really don't know". Show me a Christian who is willing to listen, emphathize and have compassion on a person and I'll show you a Christian who has been changed by the grace of God, has learned from his/her mistakes and who always puts himself in others shoes. That's using the intelligence given by the Intelligent Designer.

It's one thing
>to state your stance, it's another to speak without thought or
>consideration. Christians have a long believe to stand their
>grounds and some will even go as far as not listening to
>another person.

Another generalized/biased statement. To be honest with you, what you just said is "without consideration" for Christians like me; not boasting of myself but I really desire to live like Christ lived therefore I am conscious of what I believe, or I am always studying it, so I can better myself for Christ's sake, not my own. I'm sorry the type of Christian that you have been exposed to have all been loud, belligerent and insecure but I can assure you that there are great examples of Christ out there in the world.

While this is true for religion heads,
>Christians are proberly the loudest of all and most common.

Disagree again. I believe the propaganda and all different forms of media perpetuate this image of the so-called Christian. If you do a bit of research, not only in the bible but history books, you would find that the true Christians of the past hid/worshipped in catacombs or held "church" in their homes not in a mega-church (like SOME) that can seat tens of thousands of people who just want to hide and be a number instead of being accountable because of the habbitual dirt the still do in their lives.

>Should they shut up? I'm not saying that. I'm just saying a
>person who comes off as Christian should do it in a matter
>that is respectful of all people. If you think you have the
>"ultimate truth", but can't do it in a loving matter, then
>it's always going to be that way.

I believe that too; yes respectful, lovingly but not tolerable. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. And in the words of Dr. MLK "A person who doesn't have something to die for isn't fit to live". In other words, I will speak/protest when I don't agree. I can live next to a homosexual, I can work with one, I can minister to one(which I've done) and have compassion for them, pray for them... but that does not mean that I agree with their lifestyle and they'll know because I'll tell them if they ask.

>some Christians like to quote Luke 6:31, but don't follow
>it... and that's kinda sad.

I agree. Unfortunately the majority of the representatives in the spotlight exude this pristine exterior but off camera they're anything but. As Jesus said, they're a bunch of "brood of vipers!", "white washed tombs!" - clean on the outside but dead-mens bones on the inside. Unfortunately the virtue of integrity is far removed from many so-called Christians. Once in a blue moon God will raise up a leader like MLK, Harry T. Moore, Harriet Tubman, etc.