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32737, Thing is...
Posted by moot_point, Wed Jun-01-05 04:43 PM
>I know right. But for some reason I can't seem to get rid of
>these feelings of shame, guilt, hurt, betrayal and rejection
>when these things happen or when they happen to me. I wonder
>who started feeling like this first and why did it catch on
>like wild fire cause this doesn't feel good. To tell you the
>truth, I'm starting to believe that none of us(humans) started
>these feelings. We couldn't have, who would want to feel like
>this just because we killed, stole or were unfaithful to our
>significant other?

we internalise this code, and all of this emotions are internal responses to it. That's why people are incapable of fabricating their own moral standard from scratch - unless they are sociopaths. I still don't see how God fits into the equation.