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Topic subjectRE: Makes more sense?
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32735, RE: Makes more sense?
Posted by KSol, Wed Jun-01-05 12:53 PM
>>Why not kill,
>If caught will serve a life sentence

How did this life sentencing, retribution thing get started? What punny human started this nonsense? Why can't I kill some dude on the street in broad daylight and everyone go about their business? That's how it used to be right?

>>why not steal,
>If caught, will be fined or even sentenced to prison

Ditto. Why? Who made up these stupid retribution laws? I want what I want NOW and stealing is the best way, wouldn't you say?

>why not be unfaithful to our
>If caught, he/she might leave you and take the kids.

But why would she get mad about that? I mean, human beings are the closest thing to a so-called god so we make up our own moral standards. I don't see why people have to fabricate this self-existent being to compensate for their lack of the unknown. Nutty believers...

I wonder who made up this stupid standard... fidelity. Well since I have the power to make my own laws, I'm making up my own moral standard now... infidelity is kosher. I betcha it'll catch on like wild fire.

>These are perfectly legitimate reasons to be moral. Why do we
>need God for that?

I know right. But for some reason I can't seem to get rid of these feelings of shame, guilt, hurt, betrayal and rejection when these things happen or when they happen to me. I wonder who started feeling like this first and why did it catch on like wild fire cause this doesn't feel good. To tell you the truth, I'm starting to believe that none of us(humans) started these feelings. We couldn't have, who would want to feel like this just because we killed, stole or were unfaithful to our significant other?