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32641, good post
Posted by Freduardo, Thu May-12-05 04:41 PM
not a fan of buchanan tho, and he pushes the christian thing too hard
(religious freedom was only one dimension of freedom taken from us, after all)

but yeah:

- fuck a churchill. all british ppl i've spoken to refuse to comprehend why he's a reprehensible piece of shit who gambled (and lost) with millions of people's lives.

- any right-thinking person will know to take any declaration coming from Russia re: ww2 "liberation" with a grain of salt.

- expertise's vodka pundit guy is a tard, particularly with regard to this: "Stalin, for all his evil ways, never made plans to deport entire nations to Siberia..." Not only did he make plans, he carried them out thoroughly. OkayChechens where u at?

- last but not least, george muthafuckin patton was right!