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Topic subjectsoldiers should not get a pass
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32285, soldiers should not get a pass
Posted by AZ, Sun Aug-28-05 02:14 PM
people (including liberals) like to make it seem like soldiers are just doing their job and that they really don't have a choice in the matter.
but these soldiers definitely have made a choice. they've chosen to go to war (and everything that comes with that) w/ people who've done nothing to them. they've chosen this path, rather than the alternative, which could have meant being reprimanded and the loss of their military benefits.

so saying they're just doing their duty is incorrect. they've made a moral and personal decision just like bush made a moral and political decision. it's perfectly okay to say you disagree with their decision and don't support what they're doing, just like it's perfectly okay to say you disagree w/ bush's decision and not support what he's doing.