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Topic subjecti think what you're failing to see
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32257, i think what you're failing to see
Posted by LexM, Mon Aug-22-05 04:25 PM
is that a lot of these kids come from areas/towns hit by lack of jobs, opportunity, etc.

places where you used to be able to work (for example) at a factory for a few years, get a pension, retire, and get your kids a decent life/college education/etc. that is a quickly disappearing trend.

many of these kids aren't from new york city. or philly. or los angeles. they're from little teeny towns where walmart's taken over and it's either work there or go into the military. period.

even the ones we've lost who are from maryland aren't from, say, baltimore or even columbia. they're from some little spot on the map in the eastern shore i've never heard of.

college recruiters don't come to their towns.
but military recruiters sure as hell do.

yes, everyone has choices. but all those choices aren't as clear everyone in every situation.

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