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Topic subjectRE: Stop "Blaming" Bush and start Blaming the troops.
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32230, RE: Stop "Blaming" Bush and start Blaming the troops.
Posted by BILL_THA_PHARMACIZT, Sun Aug-21-05 12:49 AM
"Okay, genius...
You obviously are prepared to give jobs to the 100,000's of thousands of young men and women who serve in the armed forces.
You are prepared to feed their families, pay their bills and secure their children's futures."

If sombody is willing to murder and risk their own life for the POSSIBILLITY of achieving those ends - then go right ahead ... it doesn't mean I have to give a shit.

BTW - YOU sit in front of a computer and come up with excuses for death - at least im willing to confront the obvious reality.

The obvious reality is that insofar is there isn't a draft the troops are the ones pulling the trigger and killing people. Bush isn't killing people - he's letting the people on the battlefield BELIEVE whatever they want with regards to "patriotism" and "democracy" or whatever..... things that any person that takes the time to think about knows are a crock of shit.

as far as people not having ANY alternatives to the millitary - for some thats absolutley true - and for those few individuals everything i've said is an exception... but the hard empirical reality is U.S. citizens live in the wealthiest nation in the history of human kind ...most people COULD find another path - they simply don't want to. They want to "do their time" and have an easy route to the "american dream".

they are willing to sacrifice potential loss of life (even their own ) for the potential class status that comes with getting out of the millitary alive.

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