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Topic subjectWhat I love about "The Boondocks" is how it sticks
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32186, What I love about "The Boondocks" is how it sticks
Posted by MALACHI, Tue Jan-17-06 01:58 PM
EVERYBODY. It shows how hypocrisy of the European-dominated society that we live in is...it shows the effect of war-time hysteria on people's common sense...it shows how so-called Christianity is full of pagan influences that have nothing to do with Jesus or the Bible...it shows how normally reasonable men can be turned into fools by women...but most of all I love how the show forces us to look at ourselves as a people wih brutal honesty. And while the show is obviously satire, in every episode I can see someone (either a personal associate, a public figure, or a collective of people) I know, and they are portrayed very accurately.

I know I can't think of a show that I have ever seen that EVERY WEEK hits issues like "The Boondocks".