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32174, RE: I invite you to revisit...
Posted by thejerseytornado, Fri Jan-13-06 10:43 PM
>trust me it really is.
>Charlie Murphy's character is the US
>Samuel Jackson's character is Europe
>The store ownder is Sadam Hussein
>the Cop in the store are all the other countries who were on
>the fence, didn't want to get caught up, and didn't know who
>to believe...
>the Arabs who came out the back with guns were the

That's not the metaphor. Sam Jackson's character joined Charlie Murphy in the war. Europe did not. Only Britain (and, as GW would add, Poland! Don't forget Poland!) did. Sam Jackson is Donald Rumsfeld (his stupid comments that sound like logic but are bs).

The store owner is not Saddam. Saddam was a complete totalitarian ass. The store owner is the Iraqi people. Saddam was not confused and innocent, he was crazy and stupid.

The cop was the American military, pressured into believing shit that obviously isn't true ("officer, he's got a weapon pointed at you...the absence of evidence is not necessarily the lack of evidence" "wait, I think I can see the gun now"). Also, the overwhelming firepower is completely ineffective, mimicking the "shock and awe" campaign that didn't do what it was supposed to. the crowd outside was the american public, cheering the idiots who started the whole mess.

it was pretty good, clever. but i withhold genius because it was a little heavy-handed. genius, to me, is more subtle, more challenging.

the line about the korean shop is pretty funny ("just north of here". ha!)

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