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Posted by thejerseytornado, Wed Jan-18-06 07:21 PM
having not been involved in the phil collins absurdity, perhaps i can try to calm down the heat between y'all (unlikely, but i like to try):

1. someone brings up an urban legend involving phil collins and his song to make a point
2. someone else points out the fact that the collins story is false
3. they start arguing about whether or not it matters that the collins story is false
4. NO ONE ELSE GIVES A FUCK (just had to add that. sorry. I'll get back to being serious now)

It seems that the story about collins is false. it also was tangential to the bulk of the post. you can both be right, or both be wrong, but the vitriol is absolutely amazing and absurd.

feel free to now call me horrible things for jumping into the middle of this...
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