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Topic subjectdude, just shut up and be wrong.
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32137, dude, just shut up and be wrong.
Posted by bignick, Thu Jan-12-06 03:39 PM
if you want to be wrong, carry on. i was just trying to help you not look ignorant.

This one comes from Phil Collins' appearance on VH-1's Storytellers in 1997:

".....(In The Air Tonight) is a song with many faces. And the truth is, is that I don't what it's about. The way I write lyrics is I open my mouth and I see what comes out. And I was going through an unpleasant divorce and I guess I was very angry, I was very bitter, I was very upset, and I think you can probably tell that from the song. But all these stories, it's like Chinese mysteries. Whenever I come to America, I hear a new bit. There's this person who reckons that I saw someone drowning, and I witnessed the thing, and then I invited the guy to come to the concert, and sat him down in the front row, and sang this song. All I did was write the song really! But anything you hear, let it be said right here, right now, anything you hear about this song is not true."