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Topic subjectRE: Macgruder the Genius Part 2.
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32130, RE: Macgruder the Genius Part 2.
Posted by George M, Tue Jan-10-06 07:37 AM
>Can we please discuss the Genius of The Boondocks Episode
>that covers Iraq.
>Two white military cats walk in the store and take what they
>want. The store clerk (Sadam Hussein) says "you have to pay".
> The two white cats (The US) pull out and tell him to drop his
>weapon. He states he doesn't have a weapon (WMD). He then
>replies "Hey guys, it's me, your father helped me build this
>place" (BushSr>Sadam>Iraq). Then a police officer (other
>countires, the UN, etc.) who's uncertain what to do pulls out.
> He even states "I don't see a weapon" to which the one white
>cat pulls a gun on him and says "Who's side are you on?" (your
>either with us or against us). They threaten and threaten...
>until he joins them... then they start blasting. The store
>owner has backup who shoots back... so the so called soldier
>says "they shooting back", to which Huey says "Of course...
>you started shooting first". Genius. Pure Genius.
>Not to mention, the cop gets killed (innocent soldier who is
>too dumb to know any better) and the crowd applauds.
>Genius. Pure Genius.
>Let's allow this to bleed into a discussion about Iraq, white
>people, manifest destiny, and their problem with control and

if that wasnt some genius i dont know what was....LMAO....MOST people did NOT get that episode but to me it was like clear as the blue sky....genius....this guy is just a damn genius...