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Topic subjectMacgruder the Genius Part 2.
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32126, Macgruder the Genius Part 2.
Posted by AquamansWrath, Fri Jan-06-06 12:13 PM
Can we please discuss the Genius of The Boondocks Episode

that covers Iraq.
Two white military cats walk in the store and take what they want. The store clerk (Sadam Hussein) says "you have to pay". The two white cats (The US) pull out and tell him to drop his weapon. He states he doesn't have a weapon (WMD). He then replies "Hey guys, it's me, your father helped me build this place" (BushSr>Sadam>Iraq). Then a police officer (other countires, the UN, etc.) who's uncertain what to do pulls out. He even states "I don't see a weapon" to which the one white cat pulls a gun on him and says "Who's side are you on?" (your either with us or against us). They threaten and threaten... until he joins them... then they start blasting. The store owner has backup who shoots back... so the so called soldier says "they shooting back", to which Huey says "Of course... you started shooting first". Genius. Pure Genius.

Not to mention, the cop gets killed (innocent soldier who is too dumb to know any better) and the crowd applauds.
Genius. Pure Genius.

Let's allow this to bleed into a discussion about Iraq, white people, manifest destiny, and their problem with control and ownership.