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Topic subjectRE: Not only was the nationalization completely legal...
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32111, RE: Not only was the nationalization completely legal...
Posted by foxnesn, Wed Dec-14-05 10:03 PM
>he also has a mandate from the majority of the population to
>engage in his policies. Its called democracy homes.

its called tyranny of the majority. freedom is freedom, it doesnt come with a mandate from the majority. if you really believe that then you have to accept that socialists are the minority in this country and if the majority sees fit you can be imprisoned for no reason other than being a douchebag.

Its not
>like in America where leaders do whatever the fuck they want.

whatever they want? our system isnt perfect because there is too much govt. that is what socialism is, lots of govt.

>Besides, the workers of Venezuala who produce all the wealth
>of that country have all the right to decide what happens with
>their resources, not these investors whose wealth is derived
>from the labour of others.

who says? if i own an oil company it is mine. i have absolute say over how much i pay workers and who i do business with. thats what makes me the owner. i took the risk, i did the investing and leg work, i got people to work at the oil company in the first place. the workers job is to work, that is what they are paid for. if they dont want to work they dont have too. they can go try and dig their own oil. pretty simple.