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Topic subjectRE: Man, you are such a retard (LOL).
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32105, RE: Man, you are such a retard (LOL).
Posted by foxnesn, Thu Dec-15-05 03:06 PM
>>this is why i believe the US wants to
>>free the iraqi people not take all the oil.
>Really dude, get over yourself.
>The Iraqis never needed the U.S.
>to give them freedom since it is
>something they could've fought
>for on their own, had we not weak-
>ened the general population with
>eleven years of sanctions.

right...did you see iraq before the first gulf war? obviously not.

>Further, U.S. subsidies increased
>right around the time Hussein was
>gassing the hell out of the Kurdish
>population, therefore, your beloved
>"democratic" heros in Washington never
>had any intentions of liberating the
>Iraqi people.

that was then, this is now. your logic is severely flawed as always.

>The funny thing is, everyone this side
>of the universe is well aware of this
>but you.

what side of the universe? the one where all the morons live? honestly dont bother replying to my posts unless you choose to make cognitive sense. thanks.