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Topic subjectMan, you are such a retard (LOL).
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32104, Man, you are such a retard (LOL).
Posted by HoChiGrimm, Thu Dec-15-05 01:34 AM

>this is why i believe the US wants to
>free the iraqi people not take all the oil.

Really dude, get over yourself.

The Iraqis never needed the U.S.
to give them freedom since it is
something they could've fought
for on their own, had we not weak-
ened the general population with
eleven years of sanctions.

Further, U.S. subsidies increased
right around the time Hussein was
gassing the hell out of the Kurdish
population, therefore, your beloved
"democratic" heros in Washington never
had any intentions of liberating the
Iraqi people.

The funny thing is, everyone this side
of the universe is well aware of this
but you.