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Topic subjectRE: Not only was the nationalization completely legal...
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32103, RE: Not only was the nationalization completely legal...
Posted by foxnesn, Wed Dec-14-05 09:58 PM
>>you can call it whatever you want and give it whatever
>>definition you want, but he seized oil that was not his. if
>>bush did that in this country you know there would be
>In respect of oil, do you not think the US will benefit from
>the occupation of Iraq?

of course the US will benefit from the occupation of iraq. not just in terms of oil, but in also in regards to military bases and the like. believe me when i say oil was not the top reason to go to iraq. when iran keeps saying shit like the jews need to be vaporized one has to worry especially since they say they are close to nuclear capabilities. yea its nice to liberate a country that will help supply our country oil but given the immense improvements in technology just in the past 10 years we can look forward to a world where oil is no longer worth going to war over. this is why i believe the US wants to free the iraqi people not take all the oil.