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Topic subjectRE: Not only was the nationalization completely legal...
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32101, RE: Not only was the nationalization completely legal...
Posted by foxnesn, Tue Dec-13-05 04:04 PM
>...but it was carried out with OPEC supervision, under the
>auspices of the Venezuelan Petroleum Corporation (Corporación
>Venezolana de Petróleos), the brainchild of the Venezuelan
>national hero Rómulo Ernesto Betancourt Bello. It did not
>involve the siezing of foreign assets (I challenge you to
>provide evidence to the contrary, btw), but the gradual
>phasing out of monopoly foreign oil concessions, starting with
>the 50% share granted to J. Paul Getty's Pacific Western under
>the corrupt Jimenez dictatorship.
>But let's say that it had been illegal (although it wasn't),
>and let's judge foreign leaders by their fidelity to U.S.
>corporate investment in their countries. Who comes out on top?
>A bunch of murdeous military dictators: General Haji Mohammad
>Suharto (Indonesia), General Augusto Pinochet (Chile), Shah
>Reza Palavi (Iran), Rafael Trujillo (The Dominican Republic),
>Anastasio Somoza Portocarrero (Nicaragua), and dozens of
>others. Google those names, fox, and tell me what you find.
>U.S. corporations made a killing while they were making many,
>many killings, and it's shocking that you're not more incensed
>about that than Chavez's insufficient fealty to U.S. oil
>companies. Really, where are your morals?

you can call it whatever you want and give it whatever definition you want, but he seized oil that was not his. if bush did that in this country you know there would be insanity.