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Topic subjectI could kiss you on the mouth(c) Iverson
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32066, I could kiss you on the mouth(c) Iverson
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Tue Dec-06-05 01:21 PM
>the reduction of class and race struggles in this country or
>on this globe to "the black struggle" or "the white struggle"
>is profoundly racist, man. profoundly.

Thank you! I have maintained this position for as long as I can remember. Well up until I left business school to pursue Marxist thought and labour activism... haha. Yeah, I think the disappearance of "class" in discussions of exploitation has led much of us back down the racist road of nationalism and nationalist politics. Thanks for bringing this up. In my rage, I sometimes lose sight of what is central to my own political stance. Peace on ya for that.

>yet on the other hand
>you talk about looking deep in someone's eyes until their skin
>is translucent. the whole shit is just profoundly
>contradictory and wrongheaded.

Not to mention comically tragic. Its nothing more than the sentimental fluff of a self-absorbed white liberal windbag bigot.