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Posted by Jon, Wed Dec-07-05 09:43 AM
>The definition of bigot is a prejudiced person who is
>intolerant of any opinions differing from their own.

then every damn person here would be a bigot, because anyone who has an opinion that's different gets attacked like they're evil scum

>But what does color matter on a discussion board? What do we
>really represent online? You or I can say we're anything but
>it really is artificial. I am intrigued by the idea of race
>online. My experiences as a Black woman are real time,
>everyday kinds of experiences but who I am online is based
>upon how I want others to view me. This goes for everyone. How
>am I supposed to know who is real or authentic on a discussion
>board? Does it even matter?

clearly does matter in the sense that BarTek's whiteness PART of the reason why his comments are catching so much flak. and why are you trying to turn this into a "who has it worse" contest. i wasn't even trying to get into comparing a white okayplayer message board poster to a black person in the real world. i was just making an accurate observation about this board. that's all.